International Institution for Dental Research

IIDR conducts professional and scientific research in the field of Dental Services, Dental Materials and Oral & Cosmetic Surgery. The International Institution for Dental Research (IIDR) is a research organization spread over 3000+ sq. ft area in Mumbai, India. Its wing is dedicated to driving dental, cosmetic and oral research to advanced health and well-being through various findings.




To drive enhanced dental, cosmetic and oral research services for healthy well-being.



To discover advancements in dental, cosmetic and oral health solutions for enhancing the well-being of society.


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Continuing Education

IIDR provides wide range of courses to encourage development of improved methods for the prevention and treatment of oral and dental diseases

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Manufacturing of Medical Devices

IIDR has developed efficient techniques to manufacture medical devices for self consumption for a long time. They develop patient specific customised implants and prosthesis along with surgical guides.


Research & Development

The Institution has been established to promote research in all aspects of dental, cosmetic, and oral research.

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