“Prevention Is Better Than Cure”

Imagine Getting The Perfect Smile In One Day!

Perfection is not a job, its the way we are

Are you tired of multiple visits for your dental treatment?
Are same day teeth fix possible?
Do you have missing teeth?

We accomplish quality and provide comfort in dental care services to all patients based in india or from abroad. Our team of dental surgeons provide innovative and efficient, same day solutions in dentistry.


Shock Absorbable Permanent Teeth and Bridges

You may have a specialised consultancy with senior dental surgeons; with a prior appointment just for Rs.1500/- regarding;

  • Revolutionary hi-impact German material teeth and bridges with CAD-CAM technology.
  • Fixed teeth with implants in very less bone including zygomatic dental implants.
  • Same day fixed teeth with dental implants.
  • Straightening and beautification of teeth in one day.

(Specialised consultancy includes detailed written treatment plan with options; required X-rays including OPG scans; 3D- CBCT scans).

(Details and estimates would depend and vary as per individuals and can be given only after thorough clinical and radiological evaluation).



Digitally planned and guided procedures for your T/T


In case you are undecided, please leave your reason with your RPG for further help


Additional consultation  after first consultation by our dental experts


Post 1 month from consulting date – includes polishing, cleaning, and whitening


Be stress-free, we will take care of you


“All my life I never gave much attention to my teeth but only after my treatment from Royal I realized what was I missing. I became more confident and happy.”

Ankit Jain Management Student

“After following numerous home remedies, my teeth became white but with spots. Royal dental helped me get rid of the spots in one day and I could go for my shoots the very next day.”

(Name restricted by Client)

“I was a sales manager at the same post for 6 years. I longed for a promotion each year but always got disappointed but Dr. Chamria changed my life. I cannot thank him and his team enough.”

(Name restricted by Client)

“At my first job interview as air hostess, I was asked to get my smile corrected. I came to Royal Dental Clinic, got a perfect smile over the weekend and secured the job. Thank you Royal Dental.”

(Name restricted by Client)

100% marks to each and every person at Royal Dental!. Excellent doctors and fantastic staff. I am extremely satisfied with my treatment. 5 star quality of hygiene maintenance.

(Name restricted by Client)

Fully satisfied with the result of my fixed teeth. Excellent staff and doctors. Admirable services.

(Name restricted by Client)

My dreams of having a good smile is fulfilled. I never had it before. Thanks.

M.K* – Cosmetic Laminates

Dear Dr. Chamria as you may be aware that after you carried out implant on my tooth. I was transferred to the USA on my company assignment. During my stay there I developed a toothache & I visited one Dr. Shah for Medicare & in his clinic I was attended by Columbian Dr. who really appreciated the implant carried out by you & he was under impression that this may have been done in Europe or USA when informed him that this was done in India by an Indian Dr. He was really surprised. Anyway wish u all the best & I hope you will continue to treat your patient’s same way.

R.S* – Dental Implants

Dr and the staff are excellent. They take good care with personalised treatment. They give you V.I.P treatment and treat as a family.I am very pleased and happy. I would refer everybody for this treatment specially the Doctor. Everything about Royal Dental Clinics is very ROYAL- MAHARAJA STYLE.

S.D * – FMR

The Royal Dental Clinics gives you a feel at home rather than a Dental Clinic. It was a very nice experience.

A.W* – Dental Implants

Beautiful Ambience, very good environment, very good staff, well experienced and qualified doctors. At the end as a patient, I am satisfied with the whole treatment.

S.R* – Dental Implants

A very high-quality treatment at an affordable cost is provided in Royal Dental Clinics. The best part is the homely environment affable staff members and a very patient approach of Dr. Chamria. The fear one has of going to a dentist is washed out after coming here and I would always like to return here for any future treatment.

R.G* – Dental Implants

I found Dr. Chamria a most reassuring dental surgeon & over the period of the treatments. I experienced no pain which is extraordinary. The cosmetic results are excellent & I can recommend him & his competent & most considerate staff to anyone needing implants or work of any kind.

J.V.* – Dental Implants

All under one roof, the centre is an example in its kind for high-class treatment.

P.B* – Dental Implants

Thank you for being so patient and understanding my needs. I m really happy that I came here.

S.S* – Dental Implants

Its a miracle, in almost 2.5 hours as if watching an English movie and getting your dream fulfilled. Thanks to the Doctor and Staff.

S.Q* – Dental Implants

The treatment we received was brilliant from everybody. I was very happy with all the treatment. Thank you.

M.M* – Implants

After consulting 2 dentists in England and 3 dentists in India, I was convinced in 5 minutes by Dr. Neha and Dr. Arun to have my dental implants. The confidence they had while explaining the procedure and the past examples they showed me was tremendous. I immediately decided to go ahead with a dozen implants. The total work completed in a weeks time with fantastic results. All the staff were excellent. I am a very happy man as I can smile showing my teeth with a better speech.

J.K* – Dental Implants




RS 1500







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