Are Implants Expensive?

No, Actually a single tooth replacement can be equally or less expensive than conventional bridge.

Are Implants Successful?

YES, they are very successful. The success rate have reached as high as 95% over a five year period & 90% over a ten year period. This is more successful than other form of dentistry.

Are they painful?

NO, Dental implants are much less uncomfortable than having tooth pulled. Most patients go back to work the next day & reports only mild discomfort.

Why consider dental implants?

Implants provide teeth that are more natural, secure & comfortable than conventional tooth replacements. It is comfortable than conventional tooth replacements. It is like having your natural teeth back again like you had at age 18.

Will my health improve?

Most definitely! The Mayo Clinic at USA did a study that demonstrated that people with their teeth as opposed to people without fixed teeth lived an average ten years longer.

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