Coffee Conversation with Mata: Dr. Arun Chamria revealed his success journey

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We will all get a chance to know the journey of famous dentist Dr. Arun Chamria. The event will be painted under Coffee Conversations with Mata. The event will be held on August 1st  at 7.30 pm on the page of Maharashtra Times Culture Club. Asmita Neve Pawar will be the Moderator.

This initiative is being implemented on behalf of Maharashtra Times with the aim of bringing to the notice of the people the glorious saga of the professionals who have excelled in their field and encouraging them in this difficult time of Corona. In this difficult time of Corona, inspiring stories of various entrepreneurs, their journey to success will be revealed

About Dr. Arun Chamria

Dr. Arun Chamria,

(Founder, Chairman & Director of Royal Dental)

Honed his skill by undergoing several trainings in advanced techniques relevant to his specialization from global stalwarts in dentistry. He learnt surgical techniques in dental implants from Dr Manfred Lang in Germany, and on fixing implants in poor bone-density conditions under Dr. Parel and Dr. Peter Moy in Los Angeles.

He worked under Dr. Dahlberg at the Sweden University Hospital and learned innovative technology in sinus lift and other critical surgical techniques. Dr Chamria also has the distinction of being the first Indian dentist to be associated with Computer Guided Implantology.

He learned this at Grenoble, France, much before its introduction by Nobel Bio care at Las Vegas in December 2005. He also underwent training in the latest technology in dental implants known as ‘All on 4’. Additionally, he completed a training programme in ethical practise management at Los Angeles.

In 2008, Dr Chamria took special training for Zygomatic Implants, i.e. implants in thin maxilla and mandible.

He is also Founding President of the Indian Dental Association, Mumbai Western Suburb, and was the editor of Nairite, the Nair Hospital Dental College journal, in 1982

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