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An iconic dental hospitality destination which is located with one of the best in class interiors and advanced technologies in Mumbai. Royal offer all disciplines of dental expertise under one roof, with a full range of modern treatment options. The most beautiful, bespoke smiles are created including replacement of missing teeth with implants in just One Day, not something most Dental Clinics can offer. Here, you can walk in with teeth that are loose, painful, missing, crooked or damaged, and leave the very same day with a smile that you will love again.
Royal Dental Clinic
Royal Dental Clinic

Dr. Arun Chamria
Chairman, Director & Founder – Dental Implants

Royal Dental Clinics, founded in Mumbai by Dr. Arun Chamria in 1983, has been in the field of dentistry for more than 35 years now. Dr. Chamria is one of the first dental surgeons to have light cure equipment in 1983 in the cosmetic dentistry. His pioneering work in ‘Same Day Fixed Teeth’, ‘Immediate Loading of Implants’ and ‘Advances in Dentistry’ has made Royal Dental synonymous with Implantology.

Royal Dental Clinics not only excels at implants, but also modern cosmetic dentistry. It provides excellent cosmetic solutions, thereby providing ‘smile makeover’ procedures in one day. Royal Dental Clinics has introduced techniques that aid even full mouth rehabilitations like mouth cancers comfortably. One of the only Mumbai Dentist to provide Same Day solutions, such as Dental Implants with Fixed Teeth in One Sitting. Royal Dental Clinics is without doubt is the best dentist near you providing the most comfortable, secure and modern Dental Experience. So come visit us once, and we assure you will not need to visit any other Dentist.

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Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions.
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Royal Dental Clinic

Milestones In Superlative Dental Care


Foundation of ‘The Royal Dental Group of Companies’ with Single Chair Dental Clinic


Pioneers for Light cure composite in India


Established ‘Save Your Teeth Concept’ to apply prevention-based practices


Started Same Day Pulp Therapy


Initiated our dental implants practice with the concept of Same Day Fixed Teeth With Dental Implants.


Expanded into Multiple Chair Dental Practice


Introduced computer guided technology in our practice.


Special training for Zygomatic Implants i.e. Implants in Thin Maxilla and Mandible


Strengthened twelve chair Dental practice in 2 locations – Malad and Kandivali


Use of shock absorbing materials to better fix artificial teeth.


Introduction of Microscope in Dental Practice along with Digital X-rays

2018 (first half)

In-House Maxillofacial CBCT and Full mouth Dental X-rays Revolution in dentistry using digital CAD-CAM in-house Use of Advanced Virtual Surgical Maxillofacial Planning and Printing for advanced and challenging cases

2018 (second half)

Radical shift from Metal containing Zirconia prosthesis to Body friendly, Biocompatible Composite Polymers and 3D printing for advanced and challenging cases.


Establishing ourselves as ‘A center for quality and expeditious solution to serve complex maxillofacial and dental cases’


To use advanced technologies for providing fixed teeth; even in very less bone with support of implants which was almost impossible before.

Our Team
Dedicated To You!


Dr. Arun Chamria

Chairman, Director & Founder - Dental Implant

30+ yrs Dental Surgery
15+ yrs Dental Implantologist


Dr. Chirag Chamria

BDS: Mumbai

Resident MDS: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery



Marketing Director

Brand Communication & Patient Services

Tick Off Smile Fixing from Your Bucket List!

Inspired by a personal purpose of being impactful and intentionally adding value to every patient interaction, Dr. Arun Chamria established Royal Dental Clinics in the year 1983. His vision, inspired by Dr Blatchford to manifest a luxurious hotel like Dental care hospitality, where one would holistically submerge in the experience and would be pleased by the attention and service imparted. Our revolutionary approach to safety, hygiene and cleanliness has been much appreciated by our former patients.

The hand-picked team at Royal will go that extra mile to make sure each patient’s requests are met and they feel at home. All patients are welcome to the practice, and a full range of dental, restorative, cosmetic, endodontics and surgical treatments are designed to suit individual needs. The goal is not to communicate what we do best; rather understand the need of our patients and fulfil them.

Serving You The Right Way | Where Perfection Meets Confidence

The moment, you step in the clinic, you are welcomed by the warm smiles of the well-trained staff members. You are then ushered to a private waiting room, which has a work desk and an attached washroom to suit all your personal and professional comforts. You can be at leisure or can finish that presentation in this sanctum while you wait for your treatment to start or in-between treatments. Say goodbye to those waiting rooms filled with anxious patients. Here you are placed in a cocoon of wellness and care, so much so that you would forget that you are at a Dental Clinic and just had your jaw drilled.

The commitment to the holistic Dental wellness experience doesn’t end there. The entire team works like clockwork, to ensure most treatments, including Dental Implants with Fixed teeth are completed in Just One Day. This is attributed by the fact that right from the OPG machines to the Dental Lab; every need is situated in the expanse of the clinic itself. You needn’t re-schedule a board meeting, rather you are ready with a brand new smile to impress your board-members on the same day. Its distinctive features like these that make the experiences at Royal Dental Clinics, more like a day at a five star resort. No doubt Royal Dental Clinics is one of Mumbai’s most celebrated dental practices and are honoured with several awards in the field of Dentistry.Experience The Difference, Experience Royal Dental Clinics.

Certificates In Testimony To The Best Dental Care

Dental Implants
Dental Implants
Dental Implants
Dental Implants

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