We believe: To treat our patients with the highest level of Quality and Sucess.

Booking an Appointment

  • Online Scheduling.
  • Over the phone.

Confirming an Appointment

Before the appointment, our schedule department will contact you in order to remind and confirm the appointment.


1st Time Appointment

  • On your first visit, a case paper is given with a 'Reg no. _______'. You must fill name, age and sex, address and occupation.
  • Case history is recorded and preliminary examination is done.
  • Details of treatment plan and estimates are gives.


  • With the consent of the patient, we start with the treatment.
  • Before the treatment patient is offered refreshments/ meals. and a room is allocated and all services are provided therein.
  • Operation theatre is booked and preparations are done.
  • Treatment begins.


  • Patients are explained with post operative care and precautions.
  • Patients are supplied with copy of their pre and post operative treatment.