Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai, India.

Royal Dental Clinic's facilities, equipments, sterilization process, interior decor match the high International Standards of Dental care & Services. Patients can see their cavities, decay, tartar etc., before treatment & thereafter, during & following treatment on the Computer Screen & can also be supplied with copy of their record on a Computer CD.

During the first visit, the patient is explained & given a written copy of their treatment plan with the estimate & emergency treatment is done. Patient is advised to think over the advice & the estimate & also to take further opinions of other dental surgeons & only after the patients decision, the treatment is carried out. Usually the treatment is completed in one or two visits.

For Straightening of teeth:- wires & braces are used (popularly known as Orthodontic Treatment). This treatment usually takes one to three years. However in cases wherein the patients requirement is urgent, alternative measures available in cosmetic dentistry are used, wherein no wires & braces are used. Natural teeth are not extracted & treatment is increasing  consensus among the Dental fraternity that Orthodontic & Cosmetic dentistry must be combined. This combined approach is being offered to the patients along with all other possible avenues with the advantages & disadvantages.

For missing teeth, DENTAL IMPLANTS are offered. However, in cases wherein it is not possible to replace teeth by Dental Implants; alternative measures like fixed bridge & removable prosthesis are offered & the patient is given all information of the possible avenues of treatment with advantages & disadvantages & the treatment is finalized as per patients choice.

For painful teeth with decay wherein removal was earlier the treatment of choice, the teeth are saved by Pulp therapy which usually takes about one to two visits.

For teeth which are shaking or mobile, the life & efficiency of the teeth is increased by Endodontic implantss or splinting with Occlusal Rehabilitation.
Due to advance technology, hi-tech equipments & better material, it is now possible to complete the entire dental treatment with a Single Appointment in most of the cases.

Location & Timings

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