Eating efficiency and cosmetic appearance of smile


Sixty-year-old male visited us in 2008 and wanted a solution for his decreased efficiency in eating and the cosmetic appearance of his teeth. We advised him Full mouth rehabilitation i.e. One Day Teeth concept.

The patient agreed to the treatment and decided to get the treatment done. No teeth were removed, multiple implants were placed was additional support.


Appearance of teeth


Middle age male visited our clinic in February 2012, he was keen to get his dental smile and look corrected. After consulting with is he immediately decided to go for the treatment.

We advised him ceramic teeth and full mouth rehabilitation i.e One Day Teeth. No implants or removal of teeth were needed for him.


Pain, difficulty in eating and awkwardness with smile and speech


Forty-four-year-old male visited our clinic, he wanted a full mouth dental solution. He had pain, and difficulty in eating. He also felt awkward during social events w.r.t. his speech and smile.

We advised him Full Mouth Rehabilitation i.e. One Day Teeth. The patient received multiple implants. No major surgery was involved.


Chewing (back teeth) and cosmetic appearance


In 2007, Fifty-five-year-old male visited our clinic from Delhi. His main concern was his back teeth, from which he couldn’t chew properly. During the consultation, the patient decided to go for the complete treatment with Full Mouth Rehabilitation i.e. One Day Teeth.

Since 2007, we have been closely following up with him and he has been a satisfied patient since. We had to place multiple implants & no teeth were extracted.


Sixty-nine-year-old male visited us in August 2011. He was mainly concerned with his missing lower teeth. The patient was advised ‘Same Day fixed teeth with Dental Implants. Multiple implants were placed and ceramic bridge fixed. No major surgery was done.
Elderly male visited our clinic in 2014, his main concern was his missing lower teeth. He had difficulty in eating.

The patient was advised ‘Same Day Fixed Teeth with Dental Implants’. Multiple implants were placed and the ceramic bridge was fixed.

In 2008, a sixty-seven-year-old man wanted a solution for his upper broken and missing teeth. No teeth were extracted and the implants were placed. Ceramic teeth were fixed for the patient.
Middle age female visited our clinic for her missing front one teeth and lower gaping in the teeth. She complained of the foul smell.

We advised the patient an alternate where removal of lower teeth won’t be necessary and using the principles of Cosmetic Dentistry i.e. ‘Straightening & Beautification of teeth in One day’ and Same Day fixed teeth with dental implants was done.


A young female patient visited us in the month of May 2011. She wanted to understand her options w.r.t. her smile.
We gave her an option of Orthodontic Correction (with braces). She wanted some faster alternative. Then, we gave her an option using the principles of ‘Cosmetic Dentistry’ and in line with our motto ‘Straightening & Beautification of teeth in one day’.
The patient agreed to the treatment and since the past 6 years+, the patient has been quite satisfied.
A young female patient visited our clinic in July 2015 and she asked for a solution for her upper teeth which bothered her. She wanted an immediate solution and not wanted to go for braces treatment.
We advised the patient for a Metal Free Ceramic teeth for her front teeth. This treatment would be completed without any removal of teeth.
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