• Same Day Fixed Teeth

    Dental Implants do not require long and tiresome treatments as thought. Full mouth Rehabilitation can be carried out in ONE DAY! with 5 Years Service Warranty
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If you have lost/removed/missing tooth and you desire a fixed tooth as replacement of the missing tooth you may get the same by fixing a dental implants. Similar to a natural root of a tooth an artificial root made of titanium is fixed in the bone. This artificial root is called ‘Dental Implant’. There are certain distinctive advantages of Dental Implant in comparison to other forms of fixed teeth and/or removable teeth.

After a tooth is lost/removed/missing; the jaw bone starts resorbing (reducing) at a rapid rate. This rapid reduction of bone is prevented due to dental implant. The process of ageing which would rapidly enhance following missing teeth would also be prevented. Unless otherwise required; the natural teeth on adjacent side of missing tooth need not be grinded for merely giving a fixed tooth.