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The Royal Dental group is a pioneer in single-day treatments in oral care in India, and is committed to improving oral health and well-being. The group's efforts in the oral health sector span the spectrum - from safe treatments to advanced technologies - with a focus on improving oral care in the country.

The group's commitment to oral health has been evident since founder Dr. Arun Kashiprasad Chamria ensured that his clinic was well-equipped with everything in-house for patient comfort. Since then, Royal Dental has established itself as a place where doctors do as much as possible for patients, but as little as possible to the patients.
The group's achievements include giving India its first dentist to be associated with computer-guided implantology, having learned the technique at Grenoble, France much before it was introduced by Nobel BioCare at Las Vegas in December 2005. The clinic's expanse now caters to full mouth rehabilitations with a quality care facility.

Royal Dental's philosophy lies in 'serving those who serve the society,' leading to impactful initiatives to prevent and treat oral diseases and promote oral health check-ups for hygiene across the city. Founded in 1983 by Dr. Arun Chamria in India, Royal Dental is now an industry stalwart building 'Dentistry with Real Smiles.' The clinic is internationally recognized for its founder's contribution to 'Same Day Fixed Teeth,' 'Immediate Loading of Implants,' and advances in dentistry, particularly in the field of implantology.
20,000+ Dental Implants
2,00,000+ Oral Check-ups
40+ Years
Royal Dental Clinics 40 years celebration

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Ankita Soni
Ankita Soni
20. May, 2021.
The overall experience was really very good...much much satisfied with the smile...would recommend as the best denist clinic
Ratnakar Shetty
Ratnakar Shetty
18. May, 2021.
Mehul Bhatt
Mehul Bhatt
14. May, 2021.
Had an amazing experience at Royal Dental Clinic. Dr. Chirag made me so comfortable during my entire surgery. Thanks! 4-start only because all the treatments are on the expensive side.
kalpana tamboskar
kalpana tamboskar
11. May, 2021.
Very Good staff.
Lahu Mahajan
Lahu Mahajan
10. May, 2021.
Excellent ! I am satisfied your treatment and l am also suggest others !
Zoher Abbasi
Zoher Abbasi
5. May, 2021.
Very satisfying treatment done

“All my life I never gave much attention to my teeth but only after my treatment from Royal I realized what I was missing. I became more confident and happy.”

Ankit Jain Management Student

“After following numerous home remedies, my teeth became white but with spots. Royal dental helped me get rid of the spots in one day and I could go for my shoots the very next day.”

(Name restricted by Client)

“I was a sales manager at the same post for 6 years. I longed for a promotion each year but always got disappointed but Dr. Chamria changed my life. I cannot thank him and his team enough.”

(Name restricted by Client)

Your Smile, Our Responsibility.

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Royal Dental is a home for state-of-art technologies and equipment from across the globe. The processes from planning to designing and execution has been seamlessly developed with tremendous contribution to research. It is this trust that has made patients believe, ‘One day of patience, many years of peace.’ Patients who visit Royal Dental are made to see their dental scan before and also after treatment


Experts consider oral health to be a global health concern as more than 3.5 billion people worldwide are affected by oral diseases. Why loose something natural when you can save them? Did you know as many as 64% adults loose at least one tooth by the age of 40 years? Royal Dental is unfolding key points towards “Oral Health and Saving Your Natural Teeth”. In case one has lost their tooth or teeth, then what are the precautions to be taken so as to not allow this damage to impact other natural teeth.

Dental Lab

Royal Dental in-house manufacturing was established in 1989 and in-house Dental Laboratory was established in 2004. These have been the pillars of support for the clinical operations. Dental Laboratory has used world’s latest and most advanced technology for making crown and bridges for long term dental prosthesis such as in house CAD-CAM technology, Inta-oral scanning, CBCT scan and 3D printing. In recent times, our further advancement-led solutions for Oral-care has given remarkably outstanding results.

Our processes do not require multiple visits as we offer Same-Day Consultation and Treatment in 1 Day. We accomplish quality and provide comfort in dental care services. Our team of dental surgeons provide innovative and efficient, same day solutions in dentistry. In most cases, we deliver the real smile in one day. Even then, we always lay emphasis on our patients to visit us for regular necessary check ups and teeth balancing along with maintaining the teeth in good health following the one day treatment.

How will I

Dental Implants is one of the quickest ways to improve your smile. Many patients are amazed that one trip to Royal Dental Clinics can change their teeth and confidence dramatically.

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Implant Even in Less Bone

In virtually no bone, Royal Dental Clinic provides dental implants with fixed teeth and you get a beautiful smile in just 1 Day!

Cosmetic Treatments

Get a ‘Smile Makeover’ from Royal Dental Clinic. Get dental cleaning, polishing, veneers, root canal, and such Cosmetic Procedures in just 1 Day at our dental clinic near you!
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